Go Red!

Go Red!

December 2020.
Package for 2 people.

Red like the fire, the heat, the passion. Gorizia wears red in December.  Red like the Rose of Gorizia, an Italian excellence and the most expensive radicchio in the world. It is sought after by chefs all over the world for its beauty and gastronomic peculiarities. The leaves are large and forming the shape of an open rose. Its beauty and perfection make it one of the most special ingredient of the winter. The harvest of the radicchio, carried out by hand, takes place from the end of November to the beginning of December, and starts after the first frosts. It arrives on the table in the days before Christmas. To be enjoyed with a good glass of red, rich in tannins, to warm the body and the soul.
With regard to the solstices and equinoxes, Gorizia wears a different colour each season.

1st day

In the morning arrival of guests in Gorizia and accommodation at the accommodation. Before lunch it is it is suggested to walk along the covered market of Gorizia.
Lunch in a cozy trattoria on the outskirts of Gorizia, where you can discover the flavors of the most traditional dishes of the local cuisine creatively reworked by the Chef presenting a modern and delicate cuisine.
In the afternoon, it is suggested to take a walk along Via Rastello, a European mittel style historical street, that during Christmas hosts many stalls and make up the famous Christmas Market. The Via arrives up to the imperial Palazzo Lantieri, which deserves a visit without a doubt.
The day ends with a Christmas dinner at a tavern with a refined menu based on local products combined with excellent local wines. Accommodation in a historic residence in the historic center of Gorizia for overnight stay.

2nd day

In morning, guests transfer to the Collio area for a farm visit that produces handcrafted cheeses following the old cheese maker’s techniques and raise the cows that produce the famous "Pezzata Rossa" meat. The couple will be welcomed for lunch, with a menu based on this precious meat accompanied with a tasting of the cheeses produced and paired with a glass of local red wine.
In the afternoon, free visit to Gorizia. For culture lovers, we recommend the LEG library located in front of the Corso Verdi public garden, an important reality in the Italian and international antiques scene, as evidenced by the annual participation in the main trade fairs in the sector. The bookshop offers a wide selection of historical and decorative thematic prints, which is also configured as an art gallery. In its premises are exhibited works of contemporary masters, and are hosted various temporary exhibitions.
Afterwards, guests will be welcomed in a typical wine shop for a tasting of local red wines for later concluding with a dinner at an old restaurant in Gorizia with a refined menu based on typical local products.
Return to the accommodation for overnight stay.

3rd day

In the morning check- and visit to the Coronini Palace Cronberg of Gorizia, where guests will be transported back in time, thanks to the warm and suggestive atmosphere of the five and seventeenth-century rooms on the ground floor, to the sumptuous lounges eighteenth-century, the empire halls and nineteenth-century rooms on the main floor.
Visit the Museum of the Great War of Gorizia, developed in the basement of the sixteenth-century houses Dornberg and Tasso in Borgo Castello. The rooms give the opportunity to discover objects, relics and uniforms of Italian and Austro-Hungarian soldiers found in the city.

Guests departure!

Price per person from € 260


The price includes:

  • 2 nights in a historic hotel in a double room with breakfast
  • 1 lunch in a trattoria with a menu based on typical dishes (drinks not included)
  • 1 light lunch on a farm
  • 1 dinner in a trattoria with a menu based on typical dishes (drinks not included)
  • 1 Christmas dinner in restaurant
  • 1 wine tasting in wine shop
  • Entrance to the Coronini Palace Cronberg of Gorizia
  • Entrance to the Great War Museum of Gorizia
  • Taxes and agency services

The price does not include:

  • transport and transfers
  • everything not included in "the price includes"


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